Complete List of Online Bangla Newspaper for you. With the blessing of the advancement of information technology and growth of public interest, readers of Bangladeshi newspaper are increasing day by day. People in our country not only like some specific newspapers but also all Bangla newspaper to read. The increasing trend is also seen in those Bengali people who are living abroad. In this article, we are going to talk about all the details of our Bangla and Bangladeshi English newspaper.

List of All Bangladesh Newspapers

The Bangladeshi newspaper industry has developed tremendously from a few years back. There are different national and regional newspapers in our country that people are reading throughout the nation regularly. The demand for the newspaper every day has been increasing. Though some online news portals have created a good position in the readers mind, the appeal for printed newspapers has not decreased yet. People who love printed newspapers will love them forever.

In our country, all Bangla newspaper does not come in Bangla language. There are also some Bangladeshi newspapers that come in the English language. In the history of Bangladesh, the first Bangladeshi newspaper was published in 1986 and the newspaper name was Daily Inqilab. Though the first Bangla newspaper was published in 1951 and the newspaper name was the Sangbad. Since then, there are a lot of Bangla newpapers have been publishing in our country.

বাংলাদেশের সংবাদপত্রসমূহ

Today is the age of information technology and in this era, the popularity of online newspaper all over the world is increasing day by day. The increasing trend in the popularity of online Bangla newspaper is also seen in our country. There are many popular online news portals running and serving the people of our country by providing some awesome quality news.

The trend has reached such a level that many are satisfying their needs of newspaper by reading that online news as those people cannot afford printed newspapers. Some of the most popular online Bangla newspapers are BBC Bangla, Bangla Tribune,,, and many others. As there is a saying that news papers are the mirror of our society, the increasing trend of newspapers is good for our society be it online newspaper or printed newspaper.

Bangladesh Online Newspaper

In Bangladesh, the digital landscape is rich with a multitude of online newspapers catering to diverse interests and perspectives. From internationally recognized sources like BBC Bangla and its Bengali counterpart to homegrown platforms such as Bangla News 24 and bdnews24, readers have access to a wide range of news sources covering local, national, and global affairs. BD24Live, Risingbd, and GoNews24 are among the digital publications providing timely updates on current events, while Jagonews24 and Bangladesh Journal offer in-depth analysis and investigative reporting. Poriborton and BD Morning round out the list, contributing to the vibrant online news ecosystem with their unique editorial focuses. With the convenience of accessing news anytime, anywhere, these online newspapers play a crucial role in keeping Bangladeshis informed and engaged in the rapidly changing world around them.

These digital publications not only provide up-to-the-minute updates on politics, economy, and culture but also serve as forums for dialogue and debate. With the rise of social media and smartphone usage, online newspapers have seen a surge in readership, reaching audiences across geographical boundaries. Additionally, the convenience of accessing news anytime, anywhere has made online newspapers indispensable sources of information for Bangladeshis both at home and abroad. As the country continues to embrace digitalization, online newspapers are poised to play an increasingly influential role in shaping public opinion and driving societal change.

All Online Newspaper

All Bangladeshi English Newspaper

Bangladesh not only publishes and distributes Bangla newspapers; it also publishes and distributes English newspapers all over the country. All Bangladeshi English newspapers are of good quality and people get news that is neutral and well presented. Most of the elite class people read English newspapers in our country. Foreigners who live in our country also read English newspaper. Some general people also keep English newspaper in their homes daily.

Some of the most popular Bangladeshi English newspapers are The Daily Star, Financial Express, The Daily Observer, Dhaka Tribune, New Age, and some others. The noticeable thing in our country is that the number of readers of Bangladeshi English newspapers is increasing day by day. If you want to increase your knowledge and enrich your thinking, you should read English newspaper regularly.

All Bangla Share Bazar Newspaper

If you are an investor in the Bangladesh share market, you would be looking for daily share news to get the daily updates of your shares or some other related news. To satisfy your such type of needs, there are some Bangla share bazar newspapers in our country. The good thing is that all Bangla share bazar newspaper in our country provides reliable news regarding any share or company updates.

Some general people and some of the people who are interested in the economy of our country regularly read Bangla share bazaar newspaper. This type of newspaper is one of the most favorite newspapers among all Bangla newspaper for many people in our country. Some of the most popular share bazar newspaper names are Daily Stock BD, Share Market BD, Amader Orthoneeti, Corporate Sangbad, Share Bazar News, Pujibazar, and a lot more.

All Local Newspaper

Bangladesh is popular for all local newspaper that is being published every day for a long back. Most of the local people like to read all local newspaper. Some of the most popular local newspaper names are Dainik, Azadi, Dainik Purbokone, Ctg Times, The Daily Purbanchal, Sylhel View 24, The Daily Karatoa, and some others. These local newspapers are satisfying local readers greatly.

Kolkata Newspaper

People in our country also like to read the Kolkata newspaper. Most people read The Telegraph, Bartaman, Aajkaal, Anandabazar Patrika, Sangbad Pratidin, Ebela, and some more. If you are interested to read Kolkata newspapers, you can read them through the internet. Most of the newspaper you can read from the internet without any cost. But some of the newspapers may need your subscription. That means you need to pay to read the news they provide.

All Bangla TV Channel News

Many people keep their eyes on the TV screen to see all Bangla TV channel news. Some of the most popular TV channel news that will offer you great news are Somoy News, Rtv online, NTV, Channel i Online, Ekushey TV, News 24, etc. The popularity of TV channel news is increasing nowadays as people are staying home most of the time due to the lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic. But the popularity will not be less after the pandemic ends.


Bangladesh Newspapers

The role of newspersons to provide neutral and detailed news is a very challenging task. The authority of most of the Bangladesh newspapers gives the freedom to the news personnel to collect the exact news and publish them accordingly. But there is also a trend that some newspapers do not allow their employees to provide the perfect news sometimes. This is obviously not a good practice. However, the freedom of newspaper in our country is satisfactory.

We have a huge number of people in our country who are very eager to read the newspapers in the morning daily or after they wake up from sleep in the morning. Because of the reading practice and interest of people in our country, all Bangladesh newspaper authorities get the motivation to keep up with their good work.